Seminar List

  • 28.01.2023

    The 32nd seminar, “Past and Future of International Cooperation for Cultural Heritage in Central Europe”

  • 11.02.2022


  • 9.08.2021

    Preservation and Inheritance of the Information related to Cultural Heritage: For Whom and What Purpose

  • 31.01.2021

    Cultural Heritage and the SDGs III: Considering the Role of Cultural Heritage in Local Communities

  • 31.01.2020

    Cultural Heritage and SDGs II : What have been discussed in the world?

  • 24.07.2019


  • 11.01.2019

    Cultural Heritage and SDGs

  • 16.02.2018

    International Trends in Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage

  • 24.07.2018


  • 24.07.2017

    Heritage of Paradise in Danger: with a focus on Nan Madol

  • 24.03.2017

    International Trends in Safeguarding Cultural Heritage

  • 21.11.2016

    The Silk RoadーIssues and Japan’s Challenges after the World Heritage inscriptionー


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