Symposium List

  • 16.10.2011

    Rescue Cultural Heritage—Conservation Techniques in Emergency

  • 28.03.2011

    Lecture by John Sell, Executive Vice President of Europa Nostra “Heritage in Europe from a Non-governmental Perspective”

  • 25.05.2010

    Peace-Making through the Conservation of Cultural Heritage: Challenges for Future

  • 13.12.2009

    Can Tourism Save Cultural Heritage? New Developments in International Cooperation

  • 6.08.2009

    Lecture by Koichi Matsuura, Director General of UNESCO “Future Prospects for International Cooperation in Cultural Heritage“

  • 18.01.2009

    My Rediscovery of Cultural Heritage

  • 18.02.2008

    International Cooperation in Cultural Heritage and the Fostering of Human Resources

  • 31.07.2006

    A Forum for promoting International Cooperation in Cultural Heritage Overseas


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