• FY2019 Research

    Sulawesi Earthquake Reconstruction and Cultural Heritage

  • FY2019 Seminar

    Report on the 25th Study Group on International Trends in the Protection of Cultural Heritage: World Cultural Heritage, Intangible Cultural Heritage and Underwater Cultural Heritage

  • FY2018 Research

    Mongolia Research Report

  • FY2018 Seminar

    Cultural Heritage and SDGs(Seminar)

  • FY2018 Symposium

    The Shape of International Cooperation in Cultural Heritage: Japan’s Contribution to Handing Down the World Heritage to the Future (Report)

  • FY2018 Seminar

    Workshop: Knowing and Telling About Support and Cooperation in Conservation of Cultural Heritage in Various Countries(Seminar)

  • FY2017 Symposium

    Sustainable Development of Historical Cities in South-East Asia

  • FY2015 Research

    Survey Report on International Cooperation of Korea for Conservation of Cultural Heritage

  • FY2015 Seminar

    Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis(Seminar)

  • FY2015 Symposium

    ASEAN+3 Cultural Heritage Forum 2015 “Potentiality of International Cooperation—Transmission and Utilization of Cultural Heritage in Southeast Asia” (report)


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