• FY2023 Research

    2022 Pakistan Flood: Report on the Damage Assessment of Cultural Heritage in Sindh Province

  • FY2023 Seminar

    International Trends in Safeguarding Cultural Heritage

  • FY2023 Symposium

    Proceeding“50 Years of World Cultural Heritage: Past and Future of Japan’s contribution”

  • FY2022 Seminar

    International Cooperation for Cultural Heritage in Central Europe: The Past and the Future

  • FY2022 Symposium

    Climate Change and Cultural Heritage – What’s happening now?-

  • FY2022 Seminar

    International Cooperation in Cultural Heritage from the viewpoint of technologies

  • FY2021 Seminar

    Cultural Heritage × Citizen Engagement = Potential for Multi-actors’ International Cooperation

  • FY2022 Symposium

    Symposium Maritime Network and Cultural Heritage: People and Objects Connected by the Oceans

  • FY2021 Seminar

    Preservation and Inheritance of the Information related to Cultural Heritage: For Whom and What Purpose

  • FY2021 Research

    Maritime Network and Cultural Heritage FY2021 Research Report


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